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Do you have any of the following conditions?

I think OcuPlan is ideal for the management of my eye condition, which requires continuous and regular monitoring. It allows me to access private consultancy for very little money and means I am not dependent on the NHS and it's crippling overload and constant delays. What price for your eyesight.
Stephen Moylan

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of commonly asked questions by out patients

If your consultant is registered with OcuPlan then you will be able to see them as usual. If your consultant is not registered with OcuPlan then it is free and easy for them to join by contacting us.

We are careful to only include optometrists in OcuPlan who meet our quality standards for ocular imaging. If your optometrist is a recognised OcuPlan provider then you can see them as usual. It is free and easy for optometrists to apply to be OcuPlan partners.

Yes, the scheme does not restrict you in any way. You can either carry on self-funding private care, or use your pre-existing medical insurance policy to see consultants if you have one. However, we recommend that to get the best value from your OcuPlan scheme, you check to see what you are entitled to each year and utilise these services.

You can start using your care services as soon as you have completed your cooling-off period, which is 14 days from your start date when you first join. At that point you will have enrolled on a 12-month contract with us.

You can pay for an OcuPlan package of care in advance or on a monthly basis with 12 monthly instalments over 1 year. If you choose to pay by instalments you will be asked to pay for the first month’s payment in advance and will then need to provide your direct debit bank details when you set up your OcuPlan account. If during the year you need an extra consultation with your eye doctor or an extra set of ocular investigations, you may need to purchase these independently from OcuPlan or seek to be seen in the NHS. If you find that you frequently need to purchase additional services, then you may want to consider upgrading your OcuPlan package to a higher level the following year to make it more cost-effective for you.

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