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Attract more customers to your practice

A nationwide network of ophthalmologists and optometrists

Attract more customers to your practice

OcuPlan is a rapidly growing shared care scheme between ophthalmologists and optometrists for private patients. Our aim is to make high-quality private eye care affordable for the millions of people in the UK with long term eye conditions.

As healthcare demands rise, patients with chronic stable conditions find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Private insurance often excludes cover for monitoring of sight-threatening conditions such as stable glaucoma and the NHS can be overwhelmed by demand. This results in patients experiencing cancelled appointments, and no continuity of care.

Which patients are suitable?

Patients suitable for OcuPlan include those with some or all of the following conditions. Stable glaucoma and glaucoma suspects, ocular hypertension, AMD or diabetic retinopathy. The conditions will have been previously diagnosed by an ophthalmologist and are now in the monitoring phase.

How It Works

Patients choose one of three OcuPlan care packages based on their eye care needs, and have the ability to pay for this using interest-free monthly instalments at no extra cost. This helps to make it more accessible and affordable for patients who otherwise may not be able to afford private eye care. The packages include a defined number of consultations each year with a consultant ophthalmologist in their private rooms, and the same number of OCT and visual field tests are performed by an OcuPlan registered optometrist, in their practice.

Get started straight away.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up your practice to OcuPlan. Please note, you must have a suitable OCT and Visual Fields machine to apply.