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Free guidance and advice for patients living with long-term eye conditions

Are you or a family member living with a long term eye condition such as AMD or glaucoma and would like free guidance and reassurance? Our new free service was created specifically for people with long-term eye conditions to give them free access to an ophthalmologist and provide advice on how to protect your sight and achieve more peace of mind.

Rapid Advice Line

We know that living with a long term eye condition can be worrying and the thought of a sudden deterioration in your vision can be a cause for concern. That’s why we offer a rapid advice line. If you notice a sudden change in your vision, you can call us on our dedicated phone line and we’ll get the opinion of the OcuPlan Clinical Team. The advice line is open from 9am - 5pm week days, we commit to providing a response within 24 hours with advice on what to do.


Ask a consultant service

We know that time is precious when you have a consultant ophthalmologist appointment and quite often you just don’t have enough time with them, meaning you come away with more questions than answers. With OcuPlan you can ask one of our consultant ophthalmologists any question, from what symptoms to expect to what treatments are available to what you can do to help preserve your sight.


Guidance and Advice

OcuPlan free members receive our essential monthly newsletters that include help, tips and guidance on living with age related macular degeneration. From how to preserve your vision through lifestyle changes to how to manage your eye drops. We provide all the information needed to help you to live a better life.


Discounted supplements and vitamins

Coming soon, discounted AREDS2 supplements. For those living with or at risk of dry AMD, taking specially formulated supplements can help to reduce the risk of developing AMD by 25%. You'll soon be able to benefit from discounted supplements through your OcuPlan Free Membership.


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We offer care packages that enable you to monitor your eye condition through your local optician and consultant ophthalmologist. No delays, no cancellations, total peace of mind from only £19.99 per month.

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