OcuPlan Success Stories

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Shirley's Story

Shirley joined OcuPlan following two cataract operations. During which she discovered that she had glaucoma. Shirley was struggling to see when driving, especially in the dark and unfortunately her private medical insurance didn't cover the monitoring of glaucoma, meaning that she had to cover the cost of her eye care. Shirley discovered OcuPlan and signed up allowing her to regularly see her optometrist for OCT scans and visual field tests and her eye consultant for monitoring and advice. This provided the peace of mind that she needed that her glaucoma was being treated correctly.

Peter's Story

Peter Bartels joined OcuPlan to help manage and treat his glaucoma, he found that OcuPlan provided peace of mind and allowed him to save up to £70 on each consultant visit. Signing up to OcuPlan means that Peter now receives the care that he needs to monitor and look after his glaucoma for an affordable monthly price.

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Reviews by our Patients

I think OcuPlan is ideal for the management of my eye condition, which requires continuous and regular monitoring.
- Stephen Moylan
My first consultations with OcuPlan proved to be reliable and offered some economy on my previous service
- David Hanson
Scans were easy to arrange with my opticians and ready for the consultant to review and discuss with me at my recent appointment
- J.Oldham
I have been extremely impressed with every aspect of treatments by all staff, they really do care.
- Dorothy Packard
Excellent service with a double check between ophthalmologist and optician... Mr Calladine is a great consultant.
- Lawrence Baker
All in all, joining this scheme was one of my best money saving moves. Recommend it
- Patient
I'm very pleased with the overall service as the NHS had lost me to follow up
- Lawrence Baker
OcuPlan allows me to access private consultancy for very little money and means I am not dependant on the NHS.
- Stephen Moylan
The NHS was crippled with overload and constant delays. Not with OcuPlan! What price for your eyesight.
- Patient
Easy to use and cost effective way of funding eye care.
- J.Oldham
My follow up appointment coincided with the renewal of the policy, the premium had been astronomically increased, so I joined OcuPlan instead.
- Patient

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