How OcuPlan Works

Affordable, accessible private eye care

Using our wide network of eye consultants and optometrists, we help you to receive the care that you need, when you need it. You choose your consultant to monitor your condition and an optometrist to carry out your OCT and visual field tests. Depending on your medical needs, you choose either one, two or three appointments per year. No long waiting times or cancellations. Flexible booking and continuity of care seeing the same consultant each visit. Hassle free eye care from OcuPlan.

The OcuPlan Process

No long waiting times. Hassle free eye care from OcuPlan.

1. Your Welcome Pack
Once you’ve signed up, your welcome pack will arrive. This includes the details of your optometrist, consultant and your OcuPlan package.
2. Your Membership Card
The welcome pack also includes your membership card. Your consultant and optometrist will scan the card each time you visit them.
3. Book your Optometrist
Once your welcome pack has arrived, you can call your optometrist and arrange a time that is suitable for you.
4. Your Optometrist visit
At this appointment your optometrist will conduct a visual field test and an OCT scan. This information is then passed automatically to your Consultant.
5. You Eye Consultant visit
You can then book an appointment with your consultant who assesses you and your needs and offers advice on managing your eye condition.
6. Continuity of care
From that point onward you’ll see your consultant and optometrist once, twice or three times per year depending on your care package.


Signing up

We’ve made signing up as effortless as possible.

Call us on 01215 170423 and we’ll set you up in two minutes. Here are the 4 simple steps we'll take you through:

1. Select your Consultant

1. Select your Consultant

Choose your private eye consultant and their private clinic

2. Select your Optometrist

2. Select your Optometrist

Choose your preferred local optometrist who will perform your OCT and visual field tests in their practice

3. Select your membership package

3. Select your membership package

Choose up to three sets of appointments each year. Choose annual or monthly payments

4. Enter your details

4. Enter your details

We'll ask for your name, address, contact number and payment details so that we can start your monthly or annual subscription

Not sure if OcuPlan is the right choice for you?

Try our Suitability Checker and find out in less than a minute by answering a few simple questions

OcuPlan Suitability Checker
I’ve been a patient with a private eye doctor for 5 years and up to now I have self funded my appointment. OcuPlan has helped me reduce my annual costs by around 50% while still receiving the same high standard of care.
John Oakham

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