OcuPlan launch a free support service for AMD patients

The service has been specifically designed as a free, reliable pathway to help optometrists discussing AMD with patients for the first time.

Through conducting surveys and attending numerous Macular Society support groups for people living with AMD, we learned that many patients are often anxious about losing their sight and their independence. This anxiety is especially acute when they first learn that they have the condition, making it difficult to take in any new information.

Due to the prevalence of the condition and the fact there is no treatment, Dry AMD patients are monitored through their local opticians unlike other long-term eye diseases such as glaucoma, where patients are monitored by their local ophthalmologist.

This creates a couple of issues, firstly the responsibility of fully educating the patient on AMD and how they can preserve their vision sits with the optometrist, who are quite often already over capacity, leaving little time to talk to the patient in depth. Many optometrists that we speak to often find it challenging to talk to patients about the observations in scans, which is made more difficult because there isn’t the option to refer to an ophthalmologist.

It also means that patients aren’t getting time with a consultant to analyse their condition and provide bespoke advice on lifestyle changes that they could make to help preserve their vision.

The OcuPlan free service was created to help optometrists by providing them with a pathway to help educate patients, and it provides patients with free access to ask a consultant questions and advice.

The free service includes:

Rapid advice line

Many patients are concerned about what to do and who to call if they notice a deterioration in their condition. We offer a dedicated rapid advice line, so if they see any changes in their vision, a consultant can advise what they need to do and can fast track them into the NHS if necessary.

Ask a consultant service

AMD patients rarely get the opportunity to speak to a consultant. This service allows them to ask a consultant anything, from what symptoms to expect to what treatments are available to what they can do to help preserve their sight.

Help and guidance

Every month OcuPlan provides helpful newsletters with hints and tips to help patients living with AMD and other long term eye conditions.

Patients can sign up quickly and easily by visiting

If you’d like any further information on the free or paid memberships, please contact our support team on 0207 173 5200 or email on

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