OcuPlan and Glaucoma UK partner to improve awareness of eye care options for glaucoma patients.

OcuPlan is thrilled to announce its new partnership with the charity Glaucoma UK. This collaborative effort aims to improve awareness of treatment and monitoring options for glaucoma patients and offers regular appointments for glaucoma monitoring.

OcuPlan has always endeavoured to offer patients with long-term eye conditions access to specialised care at an affordable price, ultimately striving to prevent unnecessary sight loss. With the imminent launch of our new virtual service, we will be working to ensure that individuals, regardless of their location, can benefit from expert advice from OcuPlan's consultant ophthalmologists from the comfort of their homes.

Glaucoma is a condition that often progresses slowly over time and may not show symptoms at first but, which can lead to irreversible sight loss. OcuPlan's goal is to help patients minimise the risk of sight loss by providing regular monitoring. Continuity of care is important, so OcuPlan ensures patients see the same consultant ophthalmologist who knows their medical history. This consistency is especially crucial for monitoring long-term eye conditions such as glaucoma, allowing consultants to regularly monitor patients and potentially detect changes before they significantly impact sight.

OcuPlan's collaboration with Glaucoma UK is a joint effort to enhance awareness and support for individuals living with glaucoma. As well as working together to improve understanding of glaucoma more generally, the partnership will also promote patient choice and informed decision-making about eye care options.

In support of the partnership, OcuPlan is donating £50,000 towards the delivery and expansion of Glaucoma UK’s free support services for glaucoma patients throughout the UK.

Dan Calladine, Founder of OcuPlan, said “We're thrilled to partner with Glaucoma UK. The tireless work and support they offer to people living with glaucoma is so valuable in so many ways. With a joint mission of ending avoidable sight loss, I'm sure that our collaboration will help to raise awareness of the care needed to protect people's sight."

Joanne Creighton, Chief Executive of Glaucoma UK, said: "We are excited to partner with OcuPlan and Simplyhealth. Offering glaucoma patients greater awareness of their options can provide them with more choice and control over when and how they receive their glaucoma care.”

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