Protect yourself from sight loss

OcuPlan helps patients living with glaucoma to preserve their vision from only £19.99 per month.

The highest level of clinical care for glaucoma

With over half a million people living with glaucoma, it is one of the leading causes of sight loss in the UK. Glaucoma tends to develop slowly over time and is asymptomatic leaving patients unaware of early peripheral vision loss which is irreversible. But, this is avoidable, OcuPlan helps patients to minimise the risk of sight loss with regular monitoring and specialist consultant advice.

The benefits of OcuPlan for glaucoma patients

OcuPlan was created to provide affordable and accessible care to hundreds of thousands of patients in the UK who require monitoring for glaucoma.

Gold standard of care

Gold standard clinical care

OcuPlan offers the highest quality clinical care through face to face appointments with consultant ophthalmologists, using the latest technology to monitor your eye health.

No long delays or cancellations

Timely monitoring for long term eye conditions is crucial in preserving your vision. If not, deterioration can go undetected. With OcuPlan you won’t experience any delays or cancellations meaning you're more likely to preserve your vision.

Continuity of Care

With OcuPlan, you always see the same consultant ophthalmologist who knows you and your medical history. This is especially important for monitoring long-term eye conditions, as it enables our consultants to see any changes, often before it affects your sight.

Convenient care

Convenient appointments

Tests and scans are done at your local optician, and consultant appointments are conducted at your chosen consultant's clinic, all at a time to suit you.

Affordable care from £19.99 per month

Patients save up to 50% compared to traditional private eye care. We believe that everyone should have access to the best care, our prices start from £19.99 per month dependent upon your choice of consultant and optician.

Join our free glaucoma service

We provide you with reassurance and guidance on living with glaucoma, including regular hints and tips, a rapid advice line if you notice a change in your vision and the chance to ask our consultants any questions, any time.

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In association with Glaucoma UK

In 2023, OcuPlan partnered with the Glaucoma UK. With a common goal of ending avoidable sight loss, both brands are working together to help protect the vision of patients with glaucoma.

Find out more about Glaucoma UK

What our patients say about us

With 97% of patients choosing to stay with us every year and only ever 5 star reviews we must be doing something right. But don’t take our word for it.

I have been extremely impressed with every aspect of treatments by all staff, they really do care.

Dorothy Packard

OcuPlan allows me to access private consultancy for very little money and means I am not dependent on the NHS.

Stephen Moylan

Easy to use and cost effective way of funding eye care.

J Oldham

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