Patient Terms and Conditions

We advise that you familiarise yourself with this whole documentation to understand the OcuPlan Terms and Conditions for patient Members.

1. Schedule of benefits

There are 3 levels of OcuPlan care packages, which are available. The tables below explain what is included in each package per year. The cost of the packages can be paid for in advance or using 12 monthly installments spread over the year at no extra cost. Registered OcuPlan consultants can choose to either adopt our standard fees or independently set their own fees. Therefore, your package price is calculated and displayed during your registration process. Please be aware that package prices can vary depending on which professional you choose.

OcuPlan Care

From £19.99 per month (£239.88 total over 12 months)

What is included per 12-month contract?

  • 1 private hospital consultation with OcuPlan recognised consultant eye surgeon per 12 months
  • 1 visual field test and 1 set of ocular imaging with your OcuPlan recognised optometrist per 12 months
  • OcuPlan CarePlus

    From £34.99 per month. (£419.88 total over 12 months)

    What is included per 12-month contract?

  • Up to 2 private hospital consultations with OcuPlan recognised consultant eye surgeon per 12 months
  • Up to 2 sets of visual field tests and ocular imaging with your OcuPlan recognised optometrist per 12 months
  • OcuPlan Premium

    From £59.99 per month. (£719.88 total over 12 months)

    What is included per 12-month contract?

  • Up to 3 private hospital consultations with OcuPlan recognised consultant eye surgeon per 12 months
  • Up to 3 sets of visual field tests and ocular imaging with your OcuPlan recognised optometrist per 12 months
  • Your chosen care package entitles you to see a consultant eye surgeon for a consultation in a private hospital either once, twice or three times per year based on whether you have the OcuPlan Care, CarePlus or Premium package respectively. The consultant must be recognised with OcuPlan and adhere to our minimum requirements, be signed up to OcuPlan Terms and Conditions for ophthalmologists, and agree to be remunerated an amount set out in their agreement with us and not bill you directly for the consultation. If these consultations are pre-approved with OcuPlan then you will have nothing to pay the consultant and the consultant cannot charge you for the consultation.

    Your care package entitles you to visit an OcuPlan recognised optometrist for ocular investigations such as visual field tests and optical coherence tomography scans of the retina, optic nerve, or both the retina and optic nerve. Depending on which care package you have we will either cover 1, 2 or 3 sets of ocular investigations per year. A set of ocular investigations is defined as a visual field test and an optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan of the retina and/or optic nerve. The investigations covered by OcuPlan are listed below. You will not be charged for these investigations by your optometrist if you are having them as part of your OcuPlan scheme; in this situation OcuPlan will reimburse your optometrist for these tests. At the optometrist, the results of the investigations will not have been fully interpreted and therefore not normally discussed, this will be covered in much more detail when you visit your eye consultant.

    The list of included ocular investigations is as follows:

  • Visual field testing
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan of retina and optic nerve
  • To join OcuPlan you have the option to either pay the full annual amount of your package in advance or pay by installments. Once you make your first payment you will have a 14-day cooling off period, during which time if you change your mind you can cancel the care package and your monies will be refunded in full. If you choose to pay by installments you will have to pay 12 months’ worth of installments over the year, and the total amount you will be expected to pay over the year as part of your contract with us is clearly stated in Section 1 of this Terms and Conditions document. The total amount you pay per year is calculated by multiplying the monthly amount by a factor or 12.

    You must use your visits within the 12 months of your contract.

    If you want to change your OcuPlan package during your 12 month contract, Ocuplan will provide you with an updated contract which will include the new membership rates, your new monthly payments will include the cost of the new package pro rata over the remaining months of your contract.

    If you want to see a consultant eye surgeon or optometrist for investigations using OcuPlan, you need to look on our website to see if they are a registered with OcuPlan or you can check by giving us a call. When you see the consultant, you need to present them with your OcuPlan membership card so that they can scan this to register the visit on your account and initiate payment to them for your tests.

    The OcuPlan scheme has been specifically set up to save you money and also provide you with the highest quality of consultant delivered eye care possible. The scheme is designed for patients in the monitoring phase, and therefore the structure of regularly spaced follow-up appointments reflects this. It helps you afford the predictable eye care that you need as basic minimum each year. Occasionally additional consultations will be needed for problems that may arise in an unpredictable way with your eye health or treatment. These would fall outside the scope of OcuPlan and would need to be funded privately independently from OcuPlan, or you can ask to be seen by the NHS or through a private medical insurance policy if available.

    The payment you make to OcuPlan is used to pay our registered consultants and optometrists, and also covers our administration costs for being able to run this service for you.

    2. General exclusions

    You cannot use your OcuPlan scheme to pay for consultations with your eye consultant or optometrist until you have completed your 14-day cooling off period. Only OcuPlan package holders who have completed their 14-day cooling off period and are fully set up with direct debit instalments will be eligible to use their OcuPlan scheme to pay for their entitlements.

    OcuPlan pays the optometrists for the ocular investigations you are having. We do not pay for any ocular investigations that are not listed in your schedule of benefits (see Section 1 of the terms and conditions).

    OcuPlan pays for the consultant’s consultation fees for your visit but does not cover any additional investigations or treatments you may need.

    If you do not present a valid membership card for the services you are trying to access, or you have exceeded your annual entitlement then OcuPlan will refuse to pay for your consultation or investigations. Visits can not be carried over into the following year. Please see Section 1 of the terms and conditions to see how you can make the most of your full entitlement per year and avoid general exclusions like the above mentioned.

    In the event of death of the person named in Schedule 1, the contract with the person named in Schedule 1 will cease and any outstanding liabilities may be subject to recovery by OcuPlan at our discretion.

    3. Definitions

  • Care package term – 12 months
  • Contract – the 12 month long package of care services that you have agreed to purchase from OcuPlan.
  • Consultant eye surgeon – UK registered with the General Medical Council and also a consultant registered to practice in your private hospital of choice.
  • Consultant – Your consultant eye surgeon.
  • Cooling-off period – a 14-day period from joining OcuPlan where you have the right to cancel your scheme free of charge. Please note there is no cooling off period if you choose to upgrade your scheme after your initial cooling off period as you are already part of the OcuPlan scheme.
  • Installment(s) – the monthly amount of money you have to pay OcuPlan, if you choose to pay monthly for your package of care.
  • Member – The person (patient) named in Schedule 1 for whom the contract applies.
  • Ocular imaging – Optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan of the retina and\or optic nerve. A set of ocular imaging refers to an OCT scan and a Visual Field test.
  • Optometrist – UK registered with the college of optometry and practising in the UK.
  • Price per month – the cost of the monthly instalment you have to pay OcuPlan if you elect to pay for your package of care monthly for 12 months.
  • Service (s) – this refers to the consultations with eye consultants, or the ocular investigations performed by optometrists.
  • Start date – the first date that you take out your contract with OcuPlan.
  • We, us, our – refers to OcuPlan
  • You, Yours, Your – refers to the OcuPlan Member who has agreed to the Terms and conditions included in this document and completed and signed Schedule 1.
  • 4. How to use OcuPlan

    The process for joining OcuPlan and using our services is as follows:

    Go to the OcuPlan website. Register on the OcuPlan website or give us a call. Select both your optometrist and your eye consultant. You will receive your membership card 14 days after registration. You are responsible for making your own appointments with your optometrist and eye consultant. When you make your booking please state that you need to book in for a set of OcuPlan investigations.

    You must have your OcuPlan tests and your consultation within 4 weeks of each other to ensure that the information is as up to date as possible.

    When you go to your appointments, you should take your OcuPlan membership card so that this can be scanned to pay for the services.

    5. Eligibility

    You can only be covered under the terms and conditions of this scheme from the start date of your scheme if you:

  • Live permanently in the UK
  • Are up to date with your monthly payments to OcuPlan
  • Plan to use your scheme to cover consultations by consultants and optometrists who are recognised OcuPlan partners and who have agreed to the Terms and Conditions for ophthalmologists or optometrists, respectively.
  • Are physically able to attend the practising premises of your chosen optometrist and eye consultant.
  • 6. Cancellation of your care package service

    You are free to cancel OcuPlan anytime over the phone in the first 14 days free of charge, which is your cooling-off period. After this period, you need to write to us to request to end your contract or you may cancel via your account on the OcuPlan website. If at the time you cancel your scheme you have not yet used any of your purchased services, these will be refunded to you less the administration fee.

    If you have used any of your purchased services such as a consultation or investigation, then even if you cancel your scheme you will still have to complete your payment of these. If you pay by installments, then we will continue to take the monthly instalment until the service has been paid for. Alternatively, you are welcome to clear your outstanding balance in one lump sum at any time; if you do this then we can close your contract within 2 weeks of receiving payment. We do not charge you any additional cancellation fees, other than recovering any monies owed for accessed and used OcuPlan services, as explained above.

    Applications to end your contract should be sent via email to or by post to OcuPlan Limited, Kingsway House, 40 Foregate Street, Worcester, WR1 1EE.

    Your OcuPlan care package will be cancelled if you:

  • Miss two consecutive monthly payments (We will always try and contact you to see if there is a genuine reason why you have missed the payments, and give you the chance to make these payments to continue with your care package).
  • Are rude or abusive to our staff
  • You materially breach the terms and conditions of this scheme
  • You have submitted a fraudulent claim
  • If we cancel your scheme for any of the reasons set out below then any unused visits will be refunded to you. However, you will still have to complete payment for any visits that you have already used.

    The reasons are:

  • If OcuPlan decides for commercial reasons to stop providing the scheme, if this happens, we will give you 2 months written notice.
  • 7. General

  • You are not allowed to use your service entitlements to pay for consultations or optometry investigation of anyone not named on your scheme in Schedule 1.
  • Non-payment of premiums will result in OcuPlan suspending your entitlements.
  • The law of England and Wales applies to this scheme.
  • All information and communication will be in the English language.
  • You are required to update any changes to your telephone numbers, email addresses and postal address.
  • If we have already paid for a benefit and it turns out to be fraudulent, we will recover this payment from you, which may also involve taking the appropriate legal action.

    8. How is my data protected?

    OcuPlan complies with data protection law and follows good practice. OcuPlan protects the rights of clients. It is open about how it stores and processes individuals’ data and protects itself from the risks of a data breach. In order to provide you with this service we will hold and use information relating to you. This information is called personal data. We will also use your personal data to analyse our service and for audit purposes to improve our services in the future. We have to hold your data for other reasons such as to protect us from fraud and legally we do have to hold some data on you to be able to process payments. We may receive and share personal data with eye consultants, optometrists and administration teams in order to actually be able to provide you with a service. We may also have to share your data with organisations responsible for fraud prevention if required. We will use your personal data to keep in touch with you and to remind you when your care package is approaching its annual review date. Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy notice, which is available to view on our website, or a paper copy can be sent to you if required.

    We have strict procedures to ensure that personal data is kept secure both in written paper form and information technology. If you would like to you can see what personal data we hold on you by contacting us in writing. We will often need to confirm this request is genuine by checking your ID with a phone call. There may be a charge if you want to do this.

    If you have any questions about the personal data we hold and how we use it please write to us at OcuPlan Limited, Kingsway House, 40 Foregate Street, Worcester, WR1 1EE.

    9. What regulatory protection do I have?

    OcuPlan is a type of service agreement where you are paying for a fixed package of care services that lasts 12 months. You have the option of paying for this either in advance or with 12 monthly instalments over a maximum of 12 months at no extra cost. The scheme has been designed to be a fair, open and honest way to help you purchase private eye care that you usually need in a cost-effective and affordable way. The scheme does not restrict you in any way to purchase additional services or treatments outside the scope of OcuPlan in the traditional way if you prefer. The payment by instalments option is designed to help you spread the cost of the predictable private eye care you need, with the aim of making it more affordable and sustainable long term.

    Payment for services schemes are regulated by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and a full copy of this act together with general financial advice about your rights can be found on the Financial Ombudsmen Service website:

    It is important to understand that OcuPlan is not an insurance policy and therefore is not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Also, because we only offer fixed term packages of care services that last a maximum of 12 months, we are not required to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We do not charge any interest on the value of the services we provide or lend you any money to purchase these services.

    The total cost you pay for the care package together with the price per month if you choose to pay by instalments is clearly displayed on our website and in our terms and conditions document. If you choose to pay monthly by instalments, 1-month's instalment is due immediately and the remaining payments will be taken automatically via Direct Debit each month. There are no interest charges and no penalty for early repayment of the total outstanding amount per 12-month contract if you wish to pay the outstanding amount in full at any time.

    OcuPlan is an administration service and not a provider of medical or clinical care. Our consultants and optometrists meet recognised national standards of quality that are checked as part of their registration with the scheme and reviewed on an annual basis. By signing these terms and conditions you agree that any medical mistakes or clinical complaints regarding the care you receive from your consultant or optometrist should be directed to the private hospital or optometry practices where you have been seen, to be managed by their independent complaints procedures.

    10. How to complain?

    It is our hope that we will provide a service that you are both happy and satisfied with, but if in the unlikely situation you feel the need to complain about any aspect of the OcuPlan scheme please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a responsive complaints procedure in place that will connect you instantly with a senior management contact to help resolve your problems. Please contact us on  0207 173 5200, contact our customer service team or write to us at OcuPlan Limited, Kingsway House, 40 Foregate Street, Worcester, WR1 1EE.

    Your complaint will be directed to the appropriate person promptly and we will respond to all complaints in writing within 30 days of receiving the complaint. If you are not satisfied with our response or you do not receive a response within 30 days of writing, then you have the right to refer your complaint to the financial ombudsman at: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange tower, London, E149SR. Or email

    OcuPlan patients contract terms and conditions