Competition Compliance

OcuPlan Limited (the “Company”) aims to offer affordable and flexible private eye care to patients. We strive to be socially aware to make OcuPlan accessible for patients who may not otherwise be able to afford or be eligible for private eye care. By introducing flexible options into our service offerings and professional fees, we aim to facilitate patient choice and healthy competition between individual professionals.

The Company is committed to ensuring compliance with the law at all levels within our business. It is our policy to compete vigorously and fairly. Acting in compliance with competition law is a fundamental part of our business. We require that all officers and employees of the Company should understand what the law requires and act in accordance with it and the highest ethical standards of doing business.

We also require that independent professionals participating in OcuPlan adhere to the highest standards of compliance with their own obligations under competition law.

Dan Calladine,
Chief Executive Officer,
OcuPlan Limited

competition compliance