What is the difference between dry and wet AMD?

There are a couple of main differences between dry age-related macular degeneration and wet, Both conditions will be diagnosed using the same eye test however there are differences in what happens next.

Both of these eye conditions have a similar set of symptoms which must be checked by your optometrist urgently if they appear.

  • Visual distortions
  • Reduced central vision in one or both eyes
  • Dim vision
  • Difficulty in adapting to low light levels
  • Increased blurriness
  • Decreased intensity or brightness of colours
  • Dry AMD tends to be a gradual decline in the central vision. This can happen over years and tends to be a slow decline and most people can continue on with their daily activities for a long time after being diagnosed.

    Wet AMD can be rapid and sudden and needs urgent attention. If you notice a rapid change in your vision, it is imperative that you contact your optometrist and they will check the back of your eyes. It is important that wet AMD is treated within two weeks of the initial assessment from the optician.

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