Uploading Patient Scans to the Dashboard

For every OcuPlan patient visit, you'll be conducting OCT scans and Visual field tests. The scans need to be sent to the patient's chosen OcuPlan eye consultant for them to review and refer to when discussing treatments with the patient. We've made is incredibly quick and easy to send the scans securely to the consultant.

  • Log into your account
  • Open your practice
  • If you have more than one practice, go to the practice that you are in, where you want to scan the card
  • In the left hand navigation click 'visits'. 'Visits' includes all of the OcuPlan appointments that you've had
  • Choose the customer that you need to upload scans for
  • Click 'upload documents'
  • Either drag in or click to select the scan files.
  • Once it has uploaded, you'll see that the file appears underneath 'upload documents'
  • In the 'notes' box, include any notes that you feel the eye consultant would find useful.
  • Click 'submit'
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