Setting your Professional Fees

As independent optometry practices you are flexible to choose your own OcuPlan fees for providing a set of OcuPlan investigations. We have standard OcuPlan optometry fees that are chosen to be socially aware and make private eye care more affordable for patients. The standard fees also provide patients with simplicity, clarity and predictability about the likely price of their chosen OcuPlan care package.

Our standard OcuPlan fee for a set of OcuPlan investigations is £70.00.

If you choose to set your OcuPlan fees higher, this will make your patient's OcuPlan care packages more expensive and less affordable. Similarly, if you set your fees lower, this will make your patient's OcuPlan care packages less expensive and more affordable. When you decide how to set your OcuPlan fees, it is important to do this in confidence from your competing peers. You can change your OcuPlan fees at any time and can do this by giving us a call. We keep this information confidential and do not share it with other professionals in line with our competition compliance policy and data protection policy.

The fees we pay you for patient investigations will be determined by the fee registered to your account at the time the patient initially purchased their OcuPlan care package, or at the start of their renewal year. This means if you change your fees during the year, the patient will be quoted a new package price based on this change when they come to renew.

The OcuPlan package prices for patients are calculated by adding together your optometry fees for providing OcuPlan investigations, either the new or follow-up consultant consultation fees as relevant, and our administration fees for providing this service.

To change your fees:

  • Sign in to the OcuPlan Dashboard
  • Choose your practice
  • In the left hand navigation choose 'billing'.
  • In the top right of the page click on the pencil in 'practice fees'
  • Input your chosen fees and click 'continue.
  • In this guide: