Making Patients aware of OcuPlan

OcuPlan was created to help patients in need. Patients living with long-term eye disease who may be struggling to receive the care that they need through the NHS, or can't afford the upfront costs for private eye care. OcuPlan is now a third option for patients.

Recommending OcuPlan to your patients

You are now part of the largest joined up network of eye care professionals helping to provide the highest possible eye care to those who need it. Make your patients aware that they can now sign up to OcuPlan choosing you as their local optometrist.

When an optometrist first signs up to OcuPlan, we recommend reviewing your patient database, and making anyone who you feel would benefit from OcuPlan aware that you are now signed up to the scheme.

To provide guidance on the type of patients that we help, please see below:

  • Glaucoma - patients with a visual field defect in one or both eyes or an abnormal OCT disc scan (thinning of the neuroretinal rim).
  • Ocular hypertension - patients with a pressure greater than 21 mmHg and risk factors such as OCT changes, thin corneas, tilted optic discs and peripapillary atrophy or a positive family history of glaucoma.
  • Age-related macular degeneration - patients with dry AMD with poor vision in one or both eyes or any new abnormalities on the OCT macular scan.
  • Diabetic retinopathy - patients with poor control of diabetic blood sugar levels or new abnormalities on the OCT macular scan.
  • Within your introduction pack we provided flyers and customer material that explains how OcuPlan works and the benefits to patients.

    You will have also received an email with a link to our media pack, this includes social media posts, website widgets and PDFs that help you to communicate to your customers that you are now partnered with OcuPlan. This can also be accessed here

    In this guide: