How to scan a Membership Card

Every OcuPlan customer will bring their membership card. This card needs to be scanned each time.

All patients have a membership card with a QR code. The card must be scanned at every visit. This allows us to keep track of the patient's subscription and ensures that the visit is recognised, meaning that you can upload scans and receive payment.

  • Log into your account
  • Open your practice
  • If you have more than one practice, go to the practice that you are in, where you want to scan the card
  • Click on 'visits' on the right hand side of he screen click the 'scan a card' button.
  • To scan the card, click on 'camera'. This will open the camera function on your computer.
  • Hold the card in front of the camera, with the QR code facing the screen
  • The code will scan automatically. This visit has now been registered.
  • You can check that the card has been scanned correctly by clicking on 'visits' in the left hand navigation, here it displays all of your OcuPlan patient visits. The visit will be at the top op the list with an orange symbol. Once the OCT scans and visual field documents have been uploaded and checked, the symbol will change to a green tick.
  • For those who do not have an OcuPlan account (reception team, clinical team, administration team), the kiosk allows scanning of the membership card. It will be necessary to create an account in the kiosk, on the first visit, this is quick and simple and consists of a few easy steps. Thereafter, you will be able to sign-in to the account.

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