Set up your OcuPlan account

Your OcuPlan account is the key to a successful OcuPlan practice. Once your account is set up, you will find that the system is quick and easy to use. The key features of your OcuPlan account include the dashboard, your practice page, your statements, accessing patient scans and scanning a membership card.

When you sign up to OcuPlan your account will be created automatically, once logged in, you'll see your practice information on the right hand side of the Dashboard. To set up your account fully we'd recommend you take the following steps.

1. Add your logo and cover picture - Simply click 'change photo' and 'change' cover and chose the image files that you'd like to add.

2. Edit your profile - Click on 'Edit Profile' to amend details such as your practice name, phone number, customer facing email address and website.

3. Choose your OcuPlan Champion - Within the 'edit profile' fields, you can choose your OcuPlan Champion. This is the person who is the main contact for OcuPlan, they will receive updates and our newsletters.

4. Add your billing details - If you haven't already, ensure that you have set up your billing details to enable OcuPlan to pay you your fees.

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