OcuPlan Patient Story: Roselyn

February is AMD awareness month. This week we met OcuPlan patient, Roselyn to discuss living with AMD and how OcuPlan helps her to receive the care she needs.

Roselyn was diagnosed with Wet AMD in 2011 and was registered blind in 2013. Like many AMD patients her diagnosis experience wasn’t pleasant, she was advised by her optometrist to see a consultant ophthalmologist who told her that she has AMD and she’ll likely go blind. She wasn’t provided with any advice or guidance at this stage which left her incredibly worried.

Unfortunately Roselyn isn’t alone with this issue, in a recent survey that we conducted with macular disease patients, 28% said that they were not given any information or guidance when they were first diagnosed. Furthermore, 55% said they noticed a deterioration in their vision or symptoms before they were diagnosed. This highlights the importance of early diagnosis and how it can help to preserve patient vision.

Understandably, receiving this news was a huge shock for Roselyn, but with the help of local charities providing her with information and low vision aids, and now with the peace of mind that she receives through seeing an OcuPlan consultant twice a year, she’s able to preserve her vision.

You can watch Rosalyn’s interview below.

If you’d like to learn more about how OcuPlan helps patients with AMD and other long-term eye conditions, call our support team on
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