OcuPlan Patient Story: Paul

OcuPlan gives me the continuity of cover of someone that knows my medical history and my condition.

Like many patients, when Paul discovered he had glaucoma, it was a huge shock and it took some time to process the information. Paul was only in his forties at the time and fortunately through his job had private medical cover which allowed him to be seen and diagnosed by a consultant ophthalmologist quickly and meant that he was provided with the right treatment plan to stabilise his condition. When Paul retired he followed his passion and became a sculptor. Creating beautiful outdoor pieces now sold all over the world.

The work I do is art, being able to see my work and work up close is very important, glaucoma has the potential to really affect my job. So maintaining my vision is so important to me

When Paul was diagnosed, his biggest concerns were how his condition would effect his sculpting and not being able to see his children and grand children grow up. Paul wasn't able to continue with private medical care due to the cost, and was at this point introduced to OcuPlan. Through OcuPlan he's able to monitor his condition, continue to receive personalised advice and a treatment plan to preserve his sight at an affordable cost. Always seeing the same consultant who knows him, his condition and medical history provide the peace of mind that he needs.

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If you'd like to learn more about Paul's art, please visit his website and instagram account:

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