OcuPlan Patient Story: Jane

Jane joined OcuPlan after she was diagnosed with glaucoma. Like many of our patients, Jane's condition was inherited despite her having good eyesight.

During lockdown, Jane was struggling to receive the care that she needed through the NHS due to demand and unfortunately her vision had deteriorated quite a lot. She found out about OcuPlan and called us to find out more...

"I always look for a phone number, with OcuPlan, I didn't have to hang on, within a few seconds I was greeted by a friendly voice, it was wonderful. I told the marvellous Sara all about my condition and she talked me through the plan like a friend, it was very reassuring."

Jane was very worried about her condition after it had deteriorated, but OcuPlan provided her with the reassurance that she needed...

"OcuPlan have given me a lot of confidence back, and knowing I can see the same person on a regular basis is marvellous. I wouldn't have it any other way now."
You can't take any chances on your eyesight, OcuPlan is an affordable way to make sure you're seen regularly and monitor your condition. I'd highly recommend it."

Through OcuPlan, Jane is able to see her local optometrist and consultant as regularly as she needs to monitor her condition, which provides the peace of mind that she needs. You can watch Jane's story below.

To learn more about how OcuPlan could help you, visit or call 0207 173 5200

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About OcuPlan

OcuPlan offers the gold standard of clinical care for patients with long-term eye conditions to help minimise the risk of sight loss.