Malcolm Gray Opticians reach 50 OcuPlan patients

We interviewed Steve Wright from Malcolm Gray on how OcuPlan has helped the store and their patients.

Malcolm Gray Opticians in Mere Green have recently reached an impressive milestone. They are the first optician store to reach 50 OcuPlan patients.

Malcolm Gray were one of the first optician stores to join OcuPlan when we launched in 2019. They recognised very early on that OcuPlan could help their store and their patients in a number of ways. From generating new customers and revenue to providing their patients with a higher level of service.

We met with Steve Wright the store Director to discuss the recent land mark and how OcuPlan has had a positive impact on their store and patients. You can watch the interview below.

Steve mentions that being with OcuPlan has meant that his OCT machine isn't sitting idle, the regular patients and new referrals enable him and his colleagues to constantly utilise the new technology that he has invested in.

From a patient perspective, being part of OcuPlan means that his patients who are living with a long-term eye disease are fully looked after. They don't have anxiety that their consultant appointments are being delayed or cancelled.

If you would like to know how OcuPlan can help your store and your patients, please speak to our support team on 0207 173 5200.

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About OcuPlan

OcuPlan offers the gold standard of clinical care for patients with long-term eye conditions to help minimise the risk of sight loss.